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I love this post!

There is so much richness in what you are exploring here.

I find the natural metaphors really powerful and I love that you mentioned "compost". Often when we talk about innovative in the usual Silicon Valley way we talk about the need to "kill" underperforming ideas so as to keep testing a broader portfolio. While there is truth in that, I prefer the metaphor of metabolising the "waste" - the ideas that didn't work out, and/or the expired business models, they all have value that should be respectfully stewardess. And they can feed into the next generation of ideas.

I was also introduced by Cass to the Berkana Two Loop model and we facilitated some workshops together based around it.

I consistent observed groups have a resonant, penny drop type moment when they were introduced to the "stabiliser" role. It seems that it is a more positive perspective and framing for people that might otherwise be seen as change resisters.

Really looking forward to more exploration together in this space!

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